Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I Fight Bears! How about you?

This post has been overdue for a while, over the past years I have been working on and off on a small game called "I Fight Bears" with the folks from Pennybox Games.

Its a very simple mobile game where your character stands on a crossing in the middle of the forest and has to survive an onslaught of bears from all directions. You start of with the choice of the two main Characters "Kiddo" or "Jane" and you can unlock more characters as you advance in the game. I have done all the visual development and art for the game. 

The game is available in the Appstore: 

... and on Googleplay:

 Check it out and let me know what you think!


Friday, January 22, 2016

Hello again

... so this might sound crazy to some of you, but about half a year ago I decided to give my career in animation a bit of a break.
Professionally at least. I'm sure I will animate the occasional shot here and there for my own pleasure, but I needed a break from the business itself.

Not necessarily because there is something wrong with working 80 hour weeks on short term contract all the time ... never having a lunch break or getting more then 4 hours of sleep per night, we all kind of know what we get ourselves into when we become animators.
But after 13 years ... yeah it really has been that long,  I decided it was time I try something else.

I always wanted to open my own Studio and tell my own stories.
Thilo Graf von Rothkirch, my old boss was always a great inspiration and I wanted to become like him. He started with a dream, made his first own TV show and created was eventually became Germany's biggest Animation studio. Creating marvelous movies for children from 0-6 years old.
Something like that was what I had in mind when I left Double Negative last summer. I wanted to make my own TV shows ... I started working on the scripts and the pitches. I got back in touch with some contacts from the good old 2D times and everything was going in the right direction.
If I would have continued down this path as I planed it, would probably be looking for some crew right now. But, and this is where things got a bit off track, when I was writing the script I started writing some other things too.

I started writing Children's Books, and something clicked inside me. I realized that I don't need a whole team and millions of euros/£ to tell my stories ... I could do the same thing on Paper, with words and pictures! I couldn't believe I never thought of that before. All the time I wanted to reach out there tell stories and bring a bit of fun and magic to kids, all I needed for this was right in front of me! All I needed to do, was write my books and get them published! How hard could that be?

Yeah really, I had no idea ...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sad News ...

... Robert Sherman died yesterday in London at age 86. Many people might not know his name but I think everyone knows atleast one of the songs he and his brother Richard Sherman, wrote for Disney.

Generations grew up with those songs, those old Disney Songs who made us laugh ... cry .. and dream. Robert and Richard wrote over 150 songs for Disney, including the songs of "The Jungle Book", "Winnie-the-Pooh", "The Aristocats" and "Mary Poppins"

Just a few month ago, I got the great opportunity to be attend a very small private Concert of Richard. Who performed a few of their songs for us on the piano at CTN in Burbank.

Here is a video of Richard performing my favourite song "Feed the Birds" at CTN

Robert will live on in those beautifull songs ... he will be remembered by many generations .. existing and upcomming. He will always be a part of this Word and a great influence and inspiration for many people on it.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

'Cause we're Animatin!

Simply Awesome!

Daily Doodles 06

trying some face expressions with the new Viking :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

(not so) Daily Doodles (yet) 05

Again a Viking, but this time I tried an own one ... he got no name yet.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Anatomy of a Fairy

The last few days I was busy reblocking my pantomime shot to reduce the body mechanics and concentrate more on the actual assignment the acting and the emotional change. I tried to put in some time for the daily doodles but I really couldn't manage to do so.

But instead of an daily doodle I did an anatomical Study ^^

Wayne wanted me to think about how Fairy's fly and how and where the Wings are attached to their body. This is what I came up with so far:

I studied several birds and insects how they fly and how a Fairy would fly compared to them. I think a Fairy is anatomical closer to an Insect then to a bird. Simply because wings of a fairy are an addition to their body and don't replace the arms.

Fairies look to me as if they are an anatomical mix between a Human and a Dragonfly. They have the same size and weight as a Dragon Fly but the body structure resembles a Human. So in terms of flying I would think that they need to combine characteristics of both creatures.
A Dragonfly always folds their limbs close to their body to become more aerodynamic while flying fast flight maneuvers but also use them to reach out to their landing spot or their prey in mid-air. If a Human would fold their limbs close to their body He/She would become anything but aerodynamic, to reduce the air resistance we have to stretch our legs and either stretch our arms forward (like when we swim) or keep them stretched backwards close to our body and lead with our head.
Dragonflies are excellent fliers and can loop-the-loop, hover and fly backwards quite easily. They flap their wings relatively slowly though, at less than 30 beats per second. Compare this with 200 bps for a hoverfly or 300 bps for a honey bee.
The anatomical biggest difference is that Dragonflies have no spine, but a very hard body and a long tail. In order to compensate this in the Animation I think that I have to use the limbs of the Fairy a little to keep the balance, especially while hovering. But I think that the weight of their limbs (compared to the body weight of course) as to be much more light then the one from a Human. Maybe the fairydust works just like the small chambers filled with a mixture of oxygen and helium that Bees have in their body.
Because if a Human would hang on a rope that is constrained to his spine, it would take him an immense effort to keep his arms, legs and head lifted up, He/She would need to drop all limbs and let them dangle after a very short time. I think in order to move in the air like a fairy we Humans would need to get into a Zero Gravatiy Zone or something close to that.

Faires are an anatomical mix between a Human and a Dragonfly. They fairy dust helps them to move there limbs in the air without any struggle. To fly fast they reduce the air resistance by making them self as aerodynamic as possible. While hovering they use their limbs to keep them self balanced.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Daily Doodles 04

Yesterdays Daily Doodle was again Abba the daughter of Timandahaf the Viking Chief.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Daily Doodles 03

Todays Daily Doodle ... Abba the daughter of Timandahaf the Viking Chief.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Daily Doodles 02

Yep, more Timandahaf the Viking Chief. Day two and I'm actually getting quite comfortable with the Style already, its really nice and curvy. I feel like animating him would be great fun, so much stuff and body mass to work in overlap XD

and two little Idefix (or Dogmatix - I think that how he is called in english) poses in the end.